LIU Yuehua

<> • +86 15600031588 •
Master at University of Chinese Academy of Sciences
- Bejjing, China


2016.8-2019.6 (expected)

Master, Computer Technology; University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, UCAS

Research area: Machine learning approaches to the CT images classification and object detection Problems

B.Eng, Software Engineering; Sun Yat-sen University, SYSU


IBM, China Systems Lab(Beijing):
2018.1-2018.8 (expected)

Software Engineer(Intern), Spectrum Conductor and Deep Learning Impact

Postgraduate Research Subject:

Machine Learning applications in Medical Images:

Postgraduate Courses:

Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning. Advanced Artificial Intelligence.
Data Mining. Human-Computer Interaction. Biometrics. Medical Image Analysis. Deep learning.

Technical Skills

Programming Languages
C++: Familiar with Linux environment and Linux platform development.
Familiar with QT, have a certain understanding of QT practical development with the boost libraries.
Familiar with basic data structure and algorithm.

Python: Familiar with Machine Learning as well as Deep Learning in action.
Familiar with python computing library numpy.

Open Source


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- Bejjing, China