Machine Learning_Week2

Linear Regression with Multiple Variables

Hypothesis function:

The training examples are stored in X row-wise, like such:

Cost function

The vectorized version is:

Gradient Descent for Multiple Variables

In other words:

Matrix Notation

Finally, the matrix notation (vectorized) of the Gradient Descent rule is:

Feature Normalization

Two techniques to help with this are feature scaling and mean normalization. Feature scaling involves dividing the input values by the range (i.e. the maximum value minus the minimum value) of the input variable, resulting in a new range of just 1. Mean normalization involves subtracting the average value for an input variable from the values for that input variable, resulting in a new average value for the input variable of just zero. To implement both of these techniques, adjust your input values as shown in this formula:

: the average of all the values for feature (i), : the range of values (max - min).

Matlab code:

n = size(X, 2);

for i = 1:n
    feature = X(:, i);
    mu(i) = mean(feature);
    sigma(i) = std(feature);
    X_norm(:,i) = (feature - mu(i))/sigma(i);

Normal Equation

The “Normal Equation” is a method of finding the optimum theta without iteration.


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